The UK Self-Storage Craze

People are leaving their possessions in self-storage for longer than ever. But why are people paying to store stuff they rarely use?

Society has always had its hoarders. But in the 21st Century people are farming out their possessions to the growing number of self-storage facilities, many of which use new shipping containers to store customers’ goods inside.

GVCT new 20ft shipping containers being used for self-storage

It begins as a temporary solution. You load up the car with your possessions you don’t want to through away, but have nowhere to store them at home, and shortly afterwards you’re at one of the self-storage facilities offering space for your beloved objects.

The mania for storage centres began in the US in the 1960s with it taking off across the UK in 2000. Just over 10 years later Britain has the same number of self-storage facilities as the rest of Europe put together.

It’s the ideal stopgap while you get organised. However, recent statistics show that people are leaving their processions in storage units for longer and longer with data from the UK Self Storage Association suggesting that the average length of stay has risen from 22 weeks in 2007 to 38 weeks in 2010.

The increasing proportion of business users during the recession is one reason average storage time has increased with business users stay for 56 weeks and private individuals stay for 27 weeks on average.

In a survey of UK households by a self-storage company 90% of respondents reported an inability to part with treasured possessions. It may be the accumulated memories that schoolbooks, birthday cards, photographs, old books or clothes hold for us.

For individuals in the South of England who do not have room for a storage container at home or at their place of work, GVCT UK are able to arrange secure on site self-storage in one of their shipping containers in the facility run by their haulage partner, Commercial Storage Ltd, in Camberley, West London.

We can arrange for the container to be dropped with you for loading at your leisure and collected at a later date, provided goods are secured in the container, or you can rent a shipping container within the self-storage facility and take your possessions there.

For further details please contact us -Telephone 01753 480420 or email .

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