Used Shipping Containers Transform Restaurant

Architect Pedro Scattarella has transformed everyday materials used in shipping and packaging into a rustic and inventive interior for a pizzeria in Barcelona. Los Sopranos restaurant is made up of shipping containers, reconstructed freight boxes and packing crates.

The front of the pizzeria is an open kitchen, set behind a glass curtain, with the idea that passers-by and customers can watch their pizza being made from scratch. Beyond the kitchen and counter area of the restaurant is a double-height dining room on the second floor mezzanine which overlooks the kitchen. The dining room is lined from end to end with shipping containers and packaging materials, forming each wall.

A bright red 20 foot  shipping container greets guests at the top of the stairs, with a shelf for a beverage display built into the side. Pale yellow and blue shipping containers section off other areas of the dining room, creating bathrooms, private dining and storage areas. Wooden packing crates have been joined together to make shelving for oils, napkins and spices.

Other shipping containers have been converted into shelving to hold the restaurant’s glasses and flat ware, easily accessible to the wait staff. Giant storage signs have also been hammered out to line walls, both downstairs and leading up the staircase with the entire interior being inspired by the harbour warehouses of New York City.


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