Mobile Pizzeria Built Out Of A 20ft Shipping Container

People are doing wonderful things with shipping containers, but this is a whole different way to slice it: Del Popolo Pizza of San Francisco, a conversion of a 20ft shipping container into a big mobile pizzeria, complete with wood fired brick oven.

This conversion was not easy or cheap. One side of the mobile oven is made from giant glass doors, and the floor has been cut away to allow the pizza man to step down. Brick pizza ovens are really extremely heavy as they are made from solid firebricks on a stone base.

Complicated construction included demolition on the central shipping container to build the doors and a staircase, so they can serve customers at eye level—a rare element for a food truck. Sitting on a Freightliner chassis that needs a commercial licence to drive this all comes at a cost – over USD 180,000 in all.

The drop entrance to the oven pretty much wrecks the main benefit of a shipping container, being that you can pick it up and put it on the ground almost anywhere and transport it around easily; this one is pretty much connected to the truck due to the modifications, but I bet the pizza is great!

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