Overnight B&B in a Shipping Container

Shipping containers are proving to be convenient building blocks for everything from classrooms to houses to hotels. Container hotels have especially popularized the idea of a “pop-up” structure that can be easily assembled in a short amount of time.

A new smaller version of the container hotel by the belgium based company Sleeping Around acts more like a portable bed and breakfast, providing guests with a comfortable place to rest in much more intimate locations.

It is comprised of six shipping containers in all: four containers for guest rooms, one for a breakfast/lounge area, and one being constructed for a sauna room.

The main draw for the small-sized container hotel is its ability to easily pick up and move to more intimate locations, while still providing a comfortable bed and hot shower nearby. Since it takes up much less space, the various rooms could be set down outside a concert, in a park, or even on a bustling city street, all in a matter of hours.

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