Library made out of shipping containers opens its doors in Indonesia

A unique library has been constructed from seven creatively-adapted shipping containers in Batu, Indonesia.


The Amin Library has a collection of 6,000 books that local residents can read for free in the colourful new building.

Overlooking treetops and local houses, the seven different sized containers serve as focused areas of learning.

The blue room is for popular reading and entertainment books.

The yellow space is the women’s reading room, and the red room for science and technology.

The upper part of the centre is composed of five shipping containers hoisted up on top of stilts which also hosts a health clinic that provides villagers with health care

The containers’ third floor offers views of the city, the surrounding treetops, and beyond.

Shipping containers are very accessible in Indonesia and easy to manoeuvre meaning that the sophisticated, comfortable building cost relatively little to make.

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