Creative Workspace In Lisbon Built With Shipping Containers and Double Decker Buses

A new mixed-used creative facility is under development just outside of Lisbon is being built out of used shipping containers and retired double decker buses.

Nicknamed “The Village Underground Lisbon”, 14 shipping containers and two old buses are being refashioned into a collaborative space for young designers, architects, video artists, and other craftsmen who want a space for “co-working.”

Spaces in the facility will cost between 150 and 200 euros month-to-month, which includes internet and electricity. There will be room for as many as 60 occupants at any one time with one of the containers reserved exclusively for foreigners working in Lisbon who need a temporary, hourly workspace, at 30 euros an hour.

Construction of the space is said to be completely sustainable in materials and construction began in late September with the facility expected to open in early 2014 in the Alcantara section of the city.

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