New Offices for GVCT UK

On Monday 19th May 2014 GVCT UK Ltd moved to new offices in the village of Penn Street, near Amersham in Buckinghamshire.

Property Image

Comet Studios is one of the three buildings built on the site of the factory where the daredevil Mosquito fighter planes were manufactured during the Second World War.

Penn Street Works was the group of buildings in the Buckinghamshire countryside where they built de Havilland’s legendary twin engined ‘Mossie’. The Mosquito was made largely out of plywood, so it was fitting they were built near a town that was the centre of the furniture industry – a deliberate decision to capitalise on local specialist skills.

The timber propellers and fuselages were assembled in buildings at the back of the site.

The site surrounding the offices next to the popular Hit & Miss pub and Penn Street cricket ground have been landscaped to ensure the new buildings blend into the village setting.

New contact details for GVCT UK Ltd are:

Unit C1, Comet Studios
De Havilland Court
Penn Street
Bucks HP7 0PX
Tel. 01494 718140
Fax. 01494 711261
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