World’s Largest Container Ship Arrives in the UK

The world’s largest container ship has arrived in the UK for the first time.

The Hong Kong-registered CSCL Globe, measuring more than 400m (1,313ft) in length, docked at Felixstowe on the 7th January 2015 loaded with about 19,000 standard containers, including some built and owned by GVCT, having left China in December.

The previous largest ship to have docked at the port was the Maersk Triple-E, which arrived in November, carrying about 18,000 containers.

CSCL Globe

  • 400m length
  • 184,000 tonnes weight (equivalent of 14,500 London buses) when carrying a full cargo load
  • The 19,000 containers would stretch 72 miles if laid end-to-end
  • It could carry 900 million tins of beans or 300 million tablet computers
  • Built by China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd and South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Made its maiden voyage from the Port of Qingdao, China on 4 December 2014

Graphic comparing size of ship with football pitches


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