Container Accessories & Modifications

Container Accessories & Modifications

Container accessories and modifications

Storage Container Accessories

Storage container padlock

GVCT UK is able to supply you with the following accessories for your storage container:

  • Secure Padlocks
  • Padlock Lockboxes
  • Shelving
  • Ramps

We are also able to arrange to paint the storage containers in your chosen colour/livery.

Please contact us for pricing for the above accessories or to discuss any other requirements you have.


Bespoke shipping container conversions

container modifications

GVCT UK specialises in shipping container conversions and modifications for new and used shipping containers to meet your requirements and the design & manufacture of bespoke storage and accommodation units.

Shipping Container Conversions are extremely varied as shipping containers with their strong construction lend themselves to many different – and often bespoke – conversions. GVCT UK specialises in designing solutions that meet your specific application.

Plumbing, glass frontage, partition walls, hatches, railing, ladders, shelving, internal bulkheads and air conditioning are just some of the conversions and modifications we can arrange to meet your specific requirements.

The possibilities and variations are virtually limitless and if it is not possible to produce what you need by converting a standard shipping container in consultation with you we’ll design and manufacture a solution from scratch.